People are always asking me what tools, software programs and resources I use on a regular basis. This resource page shares some of the things I use on a regular basis in my business.


This page contains affiliate links. Every time a sale is made through these links I receive a small commission from that sale without any extra cost to you. Rest assured that I only promote products, services and tools that I myself use and love.

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Domain Names & Hosting

I use NameCheap to register all my domain names. They are very reliable and super-affordable as well.

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Email Autoresponder Service

I use GetResponse  as my autoresponder service. They have excellent deliverability rates, gorgeous newsletter and email templates, the ability to segment your list based on actions subscribers take and more. And they have a fantastic list building program that is free to all members of their service.

Create Beautiful Landing Pages & Sales Pages

You don’t have to be a designer or know anything about HTML to be able to create stunning opin pages, sales pages, webinar registration pages and more.

Both 1MinuteSites and Optimize Press allow you to create and publish stunning pages in just minutes. Optimize Press is a WordPress plugin and must first be installed on your WordPress website.

1MinuteSites is a web app and you just login to create your pages. You can host the pages yourself ( on a WordPress or HTML Site),  you can publish it to Facebook or you can choose to have 1MinuteSites host the page for you.

Of the two options I would recommend Optimize Press, simply because it can do sooooo much with it.

Learn more about Optimize Press Here.

Learn more about 1MinuteSites Here.

Shopping Cart & Affiliate Management System

If you want to sell products online, then you need some way to collect payments online.

The program that I recommend is PayKickstart. It’s not only one of the most affordable shopping cart systems out there, it’s also one of the most feature rich ones as well.

They offer one-click upsells, the ability to collect payment in multiple currencies, ZERO Transaction fees, instant affiliate commissions, custom checkout pages and more.

Not only will you be able to promote your products but affiliates will as well.

Find out more about PayKickStart Here

Lead Capture

The secret to building a profitable list is to be able to capture leads (subscribers), build a relationship with them via email and then sell to them. And while it may be perfectly adequate to use the optin form and pop-ups that come with GetResponse (or whichever other autoresponder service you use), you're not going to capture as many emails as you could if you used a dedicated lead capture plugin.

Optin Monster is what I use to capture all my leads. It’s an amazing WordPress plugin that allows you to create all sorts of popups and optin forms on your WordPress website.

What I love most about OptinMonster is their “exit-intent” technology. This means that when someone is about to leave your website, it will trigger an optin form pop-up box. This means that you can turn abandoning visitors (who would probably never come back to your website again) into subscribers (that you can market to over and over again!)

Another cool feature is the ability to segment visitors based on where they come from and how they interact with your website.

OptinMonster has other amazing features including mobile specific optins, AB Split-testing, location-specific inline optin forms and more. Here are just some of the templates you can easily customize with optin monster.

Click here to learn more about Optin Monster


Create, Host & Sell Online Courses

If you want to create and sell courses online, then I highly recommend either Thinkific or Kajabi.

Both platforms allow you to sell courses online. You can host your courses, collect payments, create a storefront and more.

If you have either of these platforms, then you don't need to have a shopping cart since it's already built in. What I really love about both these options is that they host all your content (videos, audio, downloads etc) for you.

You can design beautiful salespages right from the Thinkific or Kajabi interface.

Kajabi has a few more features that Thinkific lacks including the ability to run a blog and an autoresponder as well. With Kajabi you can run your entire business without any third party services.You won't need an autoresponder service such as GetResponse or Aweber. Neither will you need a landing page creator like Optimize Press or 1MinuteSites. You can even have a simple blog on Kajabi.

Kajabi is a bit more expensive than Thinkific, but if you want to run your entire business from one platform then it's definitely worth it. In fact, it works out around the same (or often cheaper) because you don't need any other third party software.

But in the event that you do want to integrate Kajabi with some other third party app or software (such as another autoresponder service or shopping cart, for example), you can do that as well.

I originally started with Thinkific since it was the cheaper of the two options, but I kept getting drawn back to Kajabi simply because it was such an all-in-one solution. Not only that, but the site and products in Kajabi just look so beautiful and professional compared to the same thing laid out on the Thinkific platform. I take pride in creating really beautiful looking products and I want my users to enjoy consuming my products. Kajabi allows me to do that in a way that no other platform on the market does.

Here's a screenshot of the exact same lesson in both platforms.

This is how the lesson looks in Kajabi.

This is how the lesson looks in Thinkific.

I don't know about you, but I think the first example is far more visually appealing than the second. I want my products to look beautiful and to really represent my brand.

I finally switched to Kajabi and  I'm glad that I did.You can take a look at my site built on the Kajabi platform at

On the other hand, if you feel you need other third party apps and/or are looking for a more cost effective solution, then Thinkific may be a better option for you.

 Find out more about Thinkific here.

close up of hand using tablet and notebook working at home

Find out more Kajabi here.

Create Membership Sites

If you’d like to create membership sites for recurring revenue, then you need some sort of membership site software or WordPress Plugin.

If you're already using Kajabi, Thinkific or OptimizePress, then there's no need to have a separate membership site software or Plugin.

The biggest difference between Kajabi & Thinkific vs OptimizePress is that with OptimizePress, you host the videos yourself (or on a separate video hosting service like Vimeo) and then embed them on your site. You also host all the other files on your own website.

With Kajabi and Thinkific, all your files (including your videos) are hosted by them. Users will login to your Kajabi or Thinkific website to access the content.

Having experimented with all the options, I personally prefer Kajabi. I found OptimizePress to be too complicated and Thinkific was limited in the ability to customize sales pages. I originally created my Muslim Life Coach Academy program in OptimizePress, then moved it over to Thinkific and now finally to Kajabi, where I plan to keep it.

It's so easy to build a beautiful, professional looking store and the products look great as well. Take a look at  It's built on the Kajabi Platform.

Optimize Press is certainly the cheapest option (there are no recurring fees), but it's also the one with the steepest learning curve as far as a membership site is concerned.

If you don't have any of the options mentioned above, then another platform I would highly recommend is Fresh Member  which allows you to build an unlimited number of membership sites.

What I really like about Fresh Member is that it’s super-easy to use. You can have a membership site up and running in 5 minutes! There’s no learning curve. With that said, the ability to customize templates is rather limited. So if you want a really unique, customized site, then this is probably not the optin for you.

Click here to find out more about FreshMember

Done For You Services

For those of you who prefer the convenience of done-for-you services, then I highly recommend two services by Brother Ahmed Asif Iqbal. The first is Halal Web Design and the services offered are web design, SEO & Graphic Design.

The other is Avesseo and the services offered here are copywriting, video marketing (they create professional promotional videos for you), graphic design etc.

Brother Ahmed Asif Iqbal is a really genuine guy who will help you to get the most bang for your buck.

Affiliate Disclaimer: Some of the products mentioned here are affiliate programs and I may get a small commission when you purchase through my link. Rest assured that you won't pay anymore than you normally would. And you can also be assured that I would never promote a product that I haven't used and loved myself.