Tutorial: Periscope For Business – How To Broadcast Your First Live Video in 9 Simple Steps

In this detailed tutorial, we’re going to take a look at what mainstream television broadcasters are calling “the new reality” in entertainment—livestream TV. And we’re going to take this professionally predicted trend one step further and explore how to effectively use it to help grow your business in a way that is halal. By the time you complete this Periscope tutorial, you will know exactly how to use periscope for business.

That includes exploring ways to use Periscope livestream TV for promotion, visibility, brand awareness and just straight entertainment—the latter being something that audiences of live streaming TV crave and rank very highly.

Periscope is Twitter’s app-based way to record live streaming video “with a twist”. It was purchased from its developers in March, 2015, for one-hundred-million dollars, and was released for Android just two months later.

You may not have heard of Periscope,but it is wildly popular with mainstream users. As of yet, however, only the entertainment industry is using it widely for business branding and visibility—and that should tell you something. Where celebrities lead, the world usually follows. So now is your chance to customize your Periscope stream for your business and be on the leading edge of your competitors!

Let’s go take a look at what is currently streaming today at http://onperiscope.com/.

You’ll notice that Periscope immediately encourages you to “Tweet” streams you like (not surprising, since it’s owned by Twitter): But the real excitement occurs when you click on the yellow-highlighted Meerkat link: http://www.meerkatstreams.com/

Periscope uses a combination of live streams and recorded live streams. Instantly this raises possibilities to mind. For example, you could use actual live streams of people arriving at a larger physical event you are holding to build excitement and create familiarity and trust. “Look how well organized we are”, is your message, along with “look how happy people arriving seem to be. This is going to be a blast!”

There is also the added titillation of watching guest celebrities or your own audience’s friends or peers arriving at the event. And you tweet this live stream to your regular audience. Allow yourself to brainstorm original twists on this—Periscope is all about adding original twists. For example, you could run an unofficial Twitter or Facebook contest: “Identify the guests!”

Amid the miscellaneous junk or specialty streams, you’ll see already that mainstream celebrities and presences like Mashable are right at the forefront.

periscope for business

So let me show you how to market your business on Periscope in a halal and ethical way.


Step 1: Become Familiar With Periscope & How You Can Use It To Promote Your Business


periscope for businessHere’s how one enterprising real estate broker used it, live, as I was creating this tutorial. In this example, he is holding a virtual Open House, taking prospective buyers through via his Periscope live feed—concurrently being publicized on the Meerkat page. If you click on the feed, you will either see a notice telling you it is over (e.g. “ended six minutes ago”) or you will simply join in the tour and follow the agent around the property and building.

You can:

  • Follow it
  • Tweet it
  • Post it to Facebook
  • Ask questions (i.e. comment, live, to the presenter)



periscope tutorial

If you explore live streams further, you’ll notice people sharing how they (or their company) manufacture items, demonstrate how to use a product, or share daily routines or tasks such as mixing audio for a music CD, and more.

Those seeking to brand themselves use tactics to give fans a peep inside their daily lives—such as sharing their morning drive, sharing their morning coffee, showing how they groom their eyebrows and just about everything else under the sun—imagination (and what voyeuristically interests viewers) is the only limit.

Don’t worry too much about low numbers of those actively viewing that you see on screen during actual live streams: Of the “13 Watching”, realize that three of them may be tweeting or Facebook-posting your stream to hundreds (perhaps thousands) of friends—a percentage of whom will decide to watch your recorded streams.


And you can boost your own posts on Facebook, if you share your streams yourself.

The advantage of sharing your Periscope feeds rather than Meerkat live streams, however, is that people will be able to watch your livestream instantly—even if it has ended.

With Meerkat, once it’s done, it’s done (which can be frustrating for viewers).

So focus your efforts on mastering Periscope.

Let’s take a look at this interview with Richmond Spider head coach, Danny Rocco. Viewing it at onperiscopetv.com, we see a notification that it actually ended two hours earlier than the time you clicked on the “Live” link [figure A].

periscope tutorial


If you press the Play icon [figure B], however, you can instantly access the entire interview. It opens up in the left-hand, livestream window…

periscope tutorial

Imagine how you could use this to promote live—and recorded—interviews with other celebrities in your niche!

So how do you sign up with Periscope and use it for your business?

Before you do that, do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself thoroughly with Periscope by watching as many streams as possible.

Follow those who seem really innovative and interesting.

Set a notebook and pencil beside you, and jot down ideas on how you’re going to use it. You’ll find the more streams you watch, the more unique ideas for your own business you will get.

It isn’t a question of mastering the technology—that part is relatively simple. It’s a question of:

  • How well livestream will fit in with your audience’s preferences
  • How effectively you can use it for:
    • Branding
    • Visibility
    • Sharing
    • Bonding
    • How to
    • Demonstration
    • Entertainment
  • Finally, whether or not it will be a good fit for your business plan

Think of specific ways you can use it. For example, if you’re a real estate agent, giving house tours—as we’ve already seen. If you own a micro-brewery shop, showing people how much fun it is—and how easy—to brew your own beer.  If you train VAs to use Aweber, allow them to watch you setting up an actual account. And if you’re already a celebrity, let them peep at your fabulous wardrobe as you decide what to wear

Step Two: Sign Up & Create Your Periscope Account

So if you think Periscope is something you could use effectively in your business, the next step is simple – sign up and create your own account.  You can sign up either with Twitter or with your phone number.  Here’s how:

  1. Download the Periscope app from the iTunes App store or the Google Play Store. You can access either instantly from Periscope’s home page: https://www.periscope.tv/.

periscope tutorial

You can find detailed instructions for each type of sign-up in Periscope’s Help section. 




periscope for business

That’s if you want to create an account from which to upload your own livestream. You can install Periscope at any time to access as a user and viewer, simply by searching for it and opening it in your smart phone.

Choose a User Name. Do this in advance, to make sure you choose the best user name for business or branding purposes. Twitter will present you with a selection of suggestions on sign-up, but you can input your own original choice. (If it is not available or “legal”, it will turn red.) Your username will be publicly displayed, so if you have accidentally allowed yourself to sign up with something irrelevant or unprofessional, like “StinkyBear123”, note that you can change the display name—but NOT your username. So choose carefully!

Minimum number of characters: 2




 periscope for business

Once you’ve set up a username and an account, you can start your own live broadcast at any time.  Simply open the Broadcast Tab in iOS by tapping the Camera icon (bottom center).

For Android, tap the red Camera icon (bottom right).


  • Your camera
  • Your microphone
  • Your location


You can make your broadcast private, set limits on your chat and/or Tweet your live stream by tapping the appropriate icon above the ‘Start Broadcast’ button.

When you are ready, tap ‘Start Broadcast’ and give it a Title.

Be sure to use hashtags and descriptive keywords to attract qualified viewers.

There are many functions and options you can use to make the most of your Periscope broadcast reachability.

Here’s a link to Periscope’s Help Section in case you need it.


Step 3: Learn How To Use Periscope

One of Periscope’s biggest benefits is its interactivity. To boil it down to the simplest terms, you are just making a live video that your followers can comment on as the action is happening.

So gear everything towards encouraging that interactivity and immediacy. For example—you could have fun with the whole “show you my fabulous wardrobe” tactic by asking the six or seven live followers to vote on which one of your quirky t-shirts you should wear.

Here’s the secret: Viewers love tapping their screens to “like” your stream (or specific parts of it). And if they REALLY love it, they can create whole clouds of little colored, semi-transparent “hearts” by tapping on their screens multiple times. It’s easy to do. It’s fun—so give them something to like!

What Hearts Mean:

We’re so conditioned to think in terms of tracking that it’s easy to obsess about what the different colored hearts mean, but it’s more important to count the number of hearts per viewer. Users are given a color when they sign on, so if you are seeing a cloud of hearts that are all the same color, it means that one individual user is sending you multiple “likes”. If you see a cloud of different-colored hearts, you may see the same number of hearts as previously, but the different colors are an indicator that you have more individual viewers.

While people are tapping their screens to let you know they like what they’re seeing, they can also comment and chat with you—live! Here’s a screenshot of what that looks like from cheatsocial.com…

periscope for business

There’s no formal tracking of hearts: However, if you look at your own Periscope profile, you’ll see a little heart icon under your name and call sign, with your total number of hearts beside it.

The biggest benefit of hearts? They’re an indicator that people are interacting with you—live.

And you can re-check your own recordings and see at what point the hearts started to flow. Make a note of what you were recording at the time and keep track manually, to see if common themes emerge.

For example, every time your dog stands on its hind feet, you get hearts. If that consistently happens, consider using your pet’s cute trick in a promotional video or as a company graphic, if it’s relevant to your business or if your business is strongly personal/people-based.

Step 4: Start Following People

Following People:

Following people who interest you is a great way to start getting comfortable with Periscope. Just tap the People Tab for suggestions.  You can also find:

  • Popular people to follow
  • Nearby (local) people to follow

periscope for business

If you want to find a specific person, tap the People Tab; then tap the magnifying glass icon (top left corner). Search for a specific person by entering their name in the Search bar.

And if you’re already watching someone’s Periscope stream and you want to follow them, just tap the “+” icon beside their call sign/name and hearts.

periscope for business

I mentioned that Periscope’s biggest benefit for business owners lies in its interactivity, but it also raises your visibility and—if you’re conscious of branding—brand awareness on the part of your preferred audience.

If you’ve ever tried blogging, you know how hard it is to solicit comments when you’re just starting out—even if you’re using calls-to-action. So there’s another big benefit if you’re using Periscope livestream videos for your business: Commenting is not a chore to your viewers. In fact, it’s fun—it almost becomes like a video game. Live action and live replies encourage more comments, more interaction. Let’s compare what happens with a blog post to what happens with a Periscope livestream:

Blog vs Livestream TV

BLOG: The moment your post is published, it is static—not interactive

PERISCOPE: Your live video is immediately interactive—viewers are able to engage on the spot


BLOG: It may take you half an hour before you see a post comment (even if you’re diligently watching for comments—because let’s be realistic here: You don’t just sit around staring at the screen or your email notifications during that time period. It’s easy to let time slip by and miss a comment for half an hour or more.)

PERISCOPE: You see their comments and hearts immediately, as they are happening


BLOG: People have to enter personal data to leave a blog comment—not fun, ranging from annoying/intrusive to boring.

PERISCOPE: People are already logged on: No boring “paperwork” or data entry just to make a quick comment.


BLOG: People have to wait (sometimes days) to see if they get a response from you. By then, they’ve not only lost interest: They may have even forgotten all about your post and the point you were making.

PERISCOPE: You can respond right away—verbally acknowledging them by name. (A status booster for your commenter.)


It can also become addictive for viewers who love livestream TV. And because only a relatively small percentage of entrepreneurs are using it right now, this gives you a greater chance to be found in searches, and/or collect a hooked audience—before your peers discover the benefits—and excitement—of livestream TV.

And remember also that Periscope is meant to be used on mobiles—so think of your audience as a mobile audience. (Yes, you can access and watch Periscope livestreams on your PC, but that’s going to be the exception rather than the rule for your average audience member.)

Step 5: Start Using Periscope For Your Business

So how can you implement it in your business?


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Start by recognizing what Periscope offers at its most basic level. For you, it offers the chance to share your knowledge—and your world.

What your viewers are looking for is not usually “how to” tutorials: What they really want is a glimpse of things they are not able to do and see.

For example:

  • Take them with you while you zip line across a canyon
  • Show them what you’re seeing out the window of your plane as you travel to an event or vacation
  • Show them celebrities arriving for the conference you’re attending
  • Blast them with bagpipes from the Edinburgh Tattoo
  • Take them stargazing out on the desert

Remember that even the mundane can be exotic to many people. For example, someone living in an east-side New York apartment may find watching your horse get shod fascinating: And someone living on a farm in Idaho may be totally mesmerized by your walk down Broadway.

The real key is understanding and knowing exactly what your ideal viewer will find she can’t resist. Take full advantage of the voyeuristic streak that every human being possesses to some degree or other.

If you want to focus solely on business videos, this may not always be possible or wise. And sometimes, you’ll find it all too easy. As with anything else in marketing, it’s all about what your ideal viewer really wants from you.

For example, if you’re a real estate agent, you will find it all too easy to give live virtual house tours—and answer interested viewer’s comments on the spot. If you’re selling Kindle formatting services, let your viewer quietly watch along as you format an actual book. (Get permission, if it’s a client’s book!)

If you’re branding yourself as a coach, then the whole “voyeuristic/lifestyle” type video is tailor-made. Just make sure you don’t rub people’s noses in your achievements (which not only annoys them but does the opposite of convince them they’ll ever achieve that dream too)—instead share really wonderful things they can talk about to others. Or inspire them to one day buy a house in Hawaii too.

But always be thinking about engagement.

  • What can you say while videotaping that will automatically trigger them to send hearts or comment?
  • Talk to them as if they are actually there (even if no one is watching that particular stream)
  • Why will what you’re proposing to film make them (a) want to tune in and join you (b) inspire them to comment?
  • How can you use engagement as a business driver?

For example, asking viewers—live—whether they would rather do a meditation on freeing money blockages next or on releasing stress.


Step 6: Brainstorm Video Ideas.

You can get ideas for powerful, original videos to create from many sources: Not only from watching live streams on Periscope yourself, but by seeing what your competitor coaches are doing on YouTube then asking yourself the question, “can I do this better with Periscope livestream?” Or even: “HOW can I do it better by using a livestream video?”

Let’s brainstorm a few ideas right off the top of our heads:

  • For coaches dealing with spirituality or life skills: Guided meditations filmed in peaceful, beautiful or relaxing surroundings
  • For coaches in general: Explaining the difference between mentoring and coaching
  • For team coaches: Demonstrating physical team-building exercises (just make sure these are fun and that your “actors” are enthusiastic)
  • For sports coaches: Demonstrating a maneuver essential to your sport; giving a “live peek” at your own top athletes training—with their permission of course.

And with our last suggestion, guess which would probably (a) hook attention (b) convince your viewer that they want to at least follow you—demonstrating a maneuver or giving them a live peek at your top athletes (and what it’s like to be in one of your coaching sessions)?

Learn to play to Periscope’s strengths: Don’t just do the obvious.

Don’t be mundane—and if you are being mundane, look for the quirky, fascinating part of what your mundane video is really about.

Learn to think up great business ideas—then adapt them to the full benefits that livestream brings.

And do remember to tweet them on Twitter, and take advantage of Twitter’s Periscope-friendly set up!

Here’s a post I did on 21 Awesome and Totally Halal Ideas For Your Next Periscope Video that can give you plenty of ideas for what to broadcast.


Step 7: Avoid These All-Too-Common Periscope Mistakes

To emphasize what we’ve just talked about a little more, a classic livestream mistake would be not taking advantage of its unique benefits (e.g. the exclusivity principle or people’s love of seeing how others live).

Let’s take a look at other mistakes that can easily sabotage you on Periscope:

  • Forgetting that people who watch livestream TV are looking for entertainment—for the unique, the enjoyable, the funny, the beautiful and most of all, what they can re-post and share
  • Not using hashtags and tags. These are what make your videos searchable and shareable.
  • Not filling out and making the most of your Periscope bio
  • Not creating an easy-to-remember link to your Periscope bio
  • Creating a username that doesn’t relate to you or your business (i.e. people won’t remember it—or relate it to your coaching)
  • Not finding influencers to follow
  • Not following followers back (you can find and follow them under your Profile Tab)
  • Not managing your streams. (Do this from your Profile tab: Delete videos, block trolls, and see who is following you.)
  • Not making regular video streams—or series
  • Not making use of Periscope TV’s ability to allow you to set your broadcasts to either public or private
  • Not taking the time to discover all of Periscope’s functions—and possibilities
  • Not realizing that the number of hearts you gather as a total directly affect your Periscope visibility and popularity
  • Not remembering that hearts given during private broadcasts don’t add to your total—though you can earn hearts on replays as well as live broadcasts
  • Using boring titles and descriptions
  • Not taking advantage of the curiosity factor when thinking up titles
  • Not educating your subscribers and clients about Periscope—and how to use it

Step 9: Teach Your Current Followers & Subscribers How To Engage With You On Periscope

Speaking of how to use Periscope and educating your subscribers, do blog about your new venture, create Facebook posts and share the app links with them—as well as showing them how to browse and view broadcasts at http://onperiscope.com.

Periscope tips to share with your subscribers:

  • What hearts are—and how to use them
  • How to follow someone and get notifications when they’re broadcasting live
  • How to enable Periscope if they’ve upgraded to Windows 10—quickly, here’s what to tell them:
    • Click on the Windows icon in the bottom-left corner of their computer
    • Click on Settings

periscope for business

  • Click on Background Apps and make sure TV is set to “on”

periscope for business


Step 9: Optimize Your Broadcasts For Maximum Visibility

Give your broadcasts maximum appeal by getting into the habit of always doing the following:

  • Click on the Twitter bird icon before your broadcast—that will ensure your stream link is shared to Twitter.
  • Give your broadcast an eye-grabbing title. Look at other video streams on Periscope to familiarize yourself with what works—and what doesn’t. Make sure your title is specific and descriptive, or arouses curiosity and interest. (Which would you find more entertaining: “3 Year Old Stuck in Traffic” or “Have you got questions for me”?)
  • Keep your titles short. When it comes to people looking for something to watch, shorter titles are always better, because they give a more professional impression than rambling, long ones
  • Reduce camera shake. People are forgiving of some wobble—especially in a live stream—but you really don’t want to make them motion sick! Use cameras with built-in shake reduction (“SR”). Study articles like this one on image stabilization: http://www.videomaker.com/article/1413-curing-camera-shake-your-guide-to-image-stabilization
  • Block users that leave troll comments. If you don’t, you’ll drive away legitimate audience members and followers and reduce your share-ability.
  • Remember to SAVE your broadcast if you want replays to be available to your followers (and Periscope viewers).

Periscope will save your broadcast for twenty-four hours only—so be sure to tweet and post to your followers, subscribers and friends asking them to leave hearts and comments during this period.

Above all, decide whether or not Periscope can help you brand your business or engage your ideal followers. If you have clear ideas on how to use it, set up your account and remember to fully explore all the features.

Find people to follow—and start interacting today.

Here’s a list of Periscope Resources that can make live broadcasting that much easier and more fun.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Check out more step-by-step tutorials here.

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