If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions below, you’re in the right place:

  • How do I start a halal online business?
  • How can I earn a halal income from home?
  • How can I balance my duty to Allah, motherhood and a career AND still find time for myself?
  • How do I use social media to grow my business in a way that doesn’t compromise my Islamic values?
  • How can I grow my business in less than 8 hours a week?

The Wealthy Muslimah Online was created to empower Muslim women to become financially independent (by starting online businesses) so that they can follow in the footsteps of Khadijah RA. My aim is threefold. First, it’s to bring Muslim women back from the workforce so that they can have the best of both worlds, financial independence and time with their families. Second, it’s to empower Muslim stay-at-home moms to earn an income online and become financially independent. And third, it’s to help single women and single mothers (including divorced and widowed Muslim women) to become strong, financially independent women.



    My name is Sa’Diyya Patel and I’ve been making money online since 2008. I started off with a niche website on the topic of ADHD. I later sold that site and was the editor for the marriage site at BellaOnline (which was the 4th largest website for women) for some time.

I dabbled in lots of different things but it wasn’t until I came back to my first love which is marketing and my passion which is helping parents (specifically moms) make money online that things really took off for me.

I am passionate about helping women, especially Muslim women attain the financial independence they long for and deserve, by creating thriving and profitable online businesses.

I’m the founder of several websites including:




I’m also the author of several books on Amazon including 5 Steps To A Profitable Membership Site.

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