Periscope Video Ideas: 21 Awesome (& Totally Halal) Ideas For Your Next Periscope Video


If you want to broadcast a video on Periscope, but you’re not sure what to include, then you’re in the right place. This post will give you 21 awesome ideas for your next periscope video.

Start Off With A Great Title.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to upload a video to YouTube or livestream it with Periscope, you still need a title that makes people want to click through along with great video content.

Know The Difference Between Periscope and YouTube.

YouTube is where people look for instructional series. Periscope is where they look for instant gratification and entertainment. People will check the streams at to see what literally catches their attention. Therefore, the more specific you are, the more likely you will be to accomplish this goal. So before we go racing off to make great content, do make sure you have a great title that hooks the right viewer—for any video or livestream platform.

If you don’t know how to create a Periscope Video, then check out my step-by-step Periscope Tutorial here. If you already know how the basics of Periscope, then read on.

For a list of Periscope Video related resources read my post 15 Essential Tools and Resources For Periscope Marketing

Here are twenty-one ideas for your next video:

Periscope Video Idea No 1: Answer A Question

This can be a question you ask your viewers—or one they have asked you (or simply voiced in social media or within forums). Repeat the actual question in your title as it will grab people’s attention better than making a definitive statement—especially on livestream channels.

periscope video idea

But don’t just ask the question, promise the solution – as Kenny Pugh does in the example above. (“10 Steps to Quit”)


Periscope Video Idea No 2: Broadcast Live While Traveling

All you need is your mobile phone, an Internet connection —and Periscope.

Think up ideas ahead of time, and be ready, so that you don’t miss potential opportunities. Is there a geographical area you can use to illustrate a point? (Example: A bridge recently repaired after a flood could provide you with a perfect opportunity to talk briefly about checking for obstacles before committing to a plan, if that was relevant to your coaching field.)


Periscope Video Idea No 3: Share The Unexpected, The Wonderful & The Wondrous

It doesn’t matter what coaching field you’re in, you can always inspire and entertain people by being ready to capture and share the unexpected, the wonderful and the wondrous. Catching something as spontaneous as an old lady breaking into dance in the middle of Brooklyn can captivate not just your own audience, but can quickly go viral.


Periscope Video Idea No 4: Be A Drama Queen!

People are addicted to drama, so videos that attract—especially on livestream—often do so because promise plenty of drama. This applies to everything from filming a tornado you’ve been caught in on Highway 75 to letting them share your panic as your perfect-but-forgotten cinnamon rolls burn in the oven.

When drama happens, people watch for two reasons: They relate to the crisis—and they are glad it is not happening to them. They will laugh at you and empathize with you over small crises (the smoke pouring out of the oven as you hastily throw the tray of burnt cinnamon rolls in the sink) and care about big ones (the tornado that is hurling your car through the air).

And yes, there are those who find someone else’s misfortune entertaining, but you can’t control that. What you can control is making sure your viewers remember—and share—your video. And that no matter how real or raw it is, it doesn’t detract from your branding.


Periscope Video Idea No 5: Give Live Sneak Peaks

Because Periscope is live streaming, with replays available only for a short time, it’s a perfect venue for giving people “sneak peeks” of anything you want—from blog posts to “flash deals”.

Blogger Marc Guberti says “What I do now is offer early access to my upcoming blog posts exclusively to the people on Periscope. I don’t provide the entire blog post word for word, but instead, I include a summary. At the end of the video, I let people know when the blog post will get published and where they can get access to it.”


Periscope Video Idea No 6: Share An Event

Perhaps you go to events that some of your clients only dream of (or are not quite ready to attend). Share highlights of the event so they can tag along with you.

periscope video ideas

Sharing an event is a great way to showcase your familiarity with influencers, if you have celebrity buddies. Even if you don’t, you can let them see celebrities arriving, show them what the food or different conference rooms look like.

And, of course, take them on a tour.





Periscope Video Idea No 7: Showcase Your Clients

Periscope is a perfect vehicle for celebrating client achievements and milestones. These shout-outs can be as simple as birthday wishes or as meaningful as making sure you are there to film your client accepting an award.


Periscope Video Idea No 8: Share Your Personality

If you want to brand yourself rather than your company—or simply attract clients at the same energy level—a video is the perfect vehicle. It’s like letting them be in the same room as you. They get to see how you talk, gesture, laugh, smile and they get to gauge your energy and rhythms.

They get to know you and that builds trust.

You can share your personality very easily by just inviting them along. Show them your garden. Let them see you in action helping your six-year-old solve a problem. Share your morning run (for those high-energy clients who worship action as well as ideas).

Just be real—and be yourself.


Periscope Video Idea No 9: Choose A Theme

If you are short on video ideas, choosing a theme is a great way to get started brainstorming ideas that will turn into great videos. Themes allow you to concentrate your ideas, discarding distractions—and get specific.

Themes help you create identities—and people don’t want to watch something called “Hello”: They’d much rather watch something called “Rainbow Moment # 4” or “Earth Shattering Questions: # 9”.


Periscope Video Idea No 10: Give A Short Comparison

periscope video ideas

Rather than just lecturing people, compare two top products, tools or platforms with each other, saying why you prefer one over the other. This feels more interactive for your viewers, since they’re sharing your thoughts rather than being “instructed”.

It also gives you the perfect opportunity to involve them in the discussion. You are asking them to make up their own minds, so also ask them to “vote” or share their own preference—item A or item B—in the chat box.


Periscope Video Idea No 11: Be Inspiring

While it’s a universal axiom that people are drawn to disasters, as a coach you want to attract people who are more positive and who are drawn to the positive. So be inspiring. Create a daily affirmation that is live—for example, show a morning sunrise and speak your affirmation—something your viewer can take for the day and use it as inspiration or encouragement.

And be sure to ask your viewers to share their own affirmations for the day!


Periscope Video Idea No 12: Lead By Example

Don’t just tell people what to do, use livestream to show them how you live it. For example, take a tour of your home office (and talk about why it is organized the way it is, how you work and what’s important to you). Or invite them to share sitting on the porch with you looking out at the lake, while you work on your laptop.


Periscope Video Idea No 13: Build Your Buzz

Livestream like Periscope is the perfect vehicle for buzz-building. You can share in real-time preparations being made for a launch, workshop or event, guests arriving, new artwork proofs (ask for a “vote” on viewer favorites) and just about anything that is moving your launch or event forward.

Focus on getting your viewer involved in your event—and be sure to sneak in exciting hints and peeks at extra-special guests, topics, locations or more.


Periscope Video Idea No 14: Promote An Activity To Create Bonding

Do you include and endorse an activity that inspires you personally in your coaching (for example, making smoothies or doing Zumba every morning)?

periscope video ideas

Then let your clients and followers share the activity with you! Instead of doing your Zumba routine alone, encourage them to follow along at home. Even if they prefer to just watch you do it, sharing in real-time can provide endorphins-by-association—and this increases bonding and the feeling that you are all superior to people who don’t perform your bonding activity.

Periscope Video Idea No 15: Making Your Video Part Of A Challenge

Are you running a challenge of some sort? Make your videos part of the challenge. (“Watch the Red Balloon Writing Challenge on Periscope at 10 a.m. PST, Tuesday, for the next step!”)


Periscope Video Idea No 16: Ask For Ideas

Get your followers used to being asked for ideas by starting out with something fun—like “Hair Ideas for my Wedding Please”.

That way, when you ask for “Ideas for my Next Book Topic” your followers, clients and subscribers are conditioned to respond. They will be less likely to draw a blank, trying to come up with ideas.


Periscope Video Idea No 17: Hold A Video “Party”

Remember that Periscope is a Twitter app, so you can easily tap into what Twitter audiences are familiar with by holding a “Video Party”.

Encourage people to share your Video Party on any topic by letting your audience know in advance that if you reach XX number of live viewers during the stream, you will provide a link for a free product.

And at the start of your Periscope video, make sure you turn Twitter sharing on!


Periscope Video Idea No 18: Do Live Interviews

It’s already a big draw if you manage to hook a celebrity or expert interview—but the attraction doubles, if you manage to interview them live, in real-time where your viewers can ask questions!


Periscope Video Idea No 19: Provide Real-Time Customer Support

Just launched a new product? A new concept or exercise?

Let your subscribers know you’ll be “live” at a certain period daily for a week, to demonstrate your product or answer questions.

You can also use this approach to provide coaching samples, if you offer to answer coaching questions “live”.


Periscope Idea Idea No 20: Take Them “Behind The Scenes”

People love “behind-the-scenes” glimpses—especially if there’s anything remotely “exclusive” or exotic about what you are doing.

For example, a “behind the scenes” glimpse of how you do vocal warm-ups for public speaking, or what a “green room” really looks like when you finally get that spot on a national TV talk show.


Periscope Video Idea No 21: Run A Q&A Session

You can create incredible interactivity and keep your questioners focused if you get into the habit of running live-streaming Q&A sessions. (E.g. “20 Questions with Kristina” #FirstTwentyQuestionsAnswered)

Put limits on the time period—and create a healthy anxiety that encourages prompt participation by letting your audience know you will only answer questions for a certain period of time or per number of questions.

And if this is a new feature for you, do take the precaution of recruiting friends or business peers to “seed” the Q&A session with some well-constructed questions.

Most important: If you are going to make videos for livestream, do remember that their biggest draw and characteristic is interactivity. So be sure to give your viewers plenty to comment about and motivation to “like”—and if you’re using Periscope, be sure to tailor your feeds towards and promote them to your Twitter audience.





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