15 Essential Tools & Resources For Periscope Marketing



Here are some valuable resources that can help you to create better Periscope videos.

Happy exploring!



Periscope only saves a replay of your live stream for 24 hours, so first make sure you have enabled Replays by selecting “AutoSave Broadcasts” then use AirParrot® to sync and stream your broadcast from your mobile to your computer, where it can be saved.

Try or buy for only $14.99

Find our more about AirParrot here.


Another alternative to AirParrot®, ideally suited for Apple devices (and most recently, Android).

$24.99 for a business license.

Find out more about AirServer here.



Be sure to create Twitter hashtags specifically for your Periscope livestreams—but don’t do this blindly. Register them at Hashtags.org to make them instantly more powerful and searchable—and search to make sure your hashtag hasn’t already been taken by someone else.

Hashtag registration is free—but if you want concentrated hashtag tracking done by Hashtags.org, there are paid options at various prices.

And be sure to check out their guide to creating powerful hashtags too: How to Start a Twitter Hashtag.


Minisuit Selfie-Stick Pro With Built-In Remote On Handle For GoPro Apple-Android Phones

Avoid the dreaded shoulder scrunch if you’re doing a “talking head” livestream. Use a selfie stick with built in remote.

Check it out here.


The Glif Adjustable Tripod Mount

One way to eliminate camera shake, if you’re not actually walking around—use a tripod.

Get it from Amazon as they are usually top-notch at returns or replacements, if there’s a problem: Plus you can easily see what other accessories and go-withs are available—or find the right comparable model for your specific smart phone.

Check it out here.


CameraSharp Anti-Shake App

I hate nothing more than a video where the camera isn’t being held steady and it’s shaking all over the place. It gives me a terrible headache.

If your iPhone camera doesn’t have anti-shake, be sure to download this handy app for only $2.29 (or find a comparable anti-shake app for your Apple device model in the iTunes store).


Video Filters.

Use effects like slow motion with your iPhone by using a filter such as this one ($3.99 on sale, at time of writing).

Find more in the iTunes store.

Split Lens 2 Clone Photo Video Editor

If you can get this to work with your particular iPhone or iPad, this is a filter that can really wow your viewers.

(Requires iOS 6.0 or later.)

Remember: You can always import your livestream replay over to your computer using software like AirParrot® or AirServer® for saving and editing.

And it’s free. Find out more here.


Periscope: Tips & Tricks For Your Live Video Stream

An excellent resource article from Highroad.com. Use it as a checklist for avoiding mistakes and making sure you utilize Periscope best practices. Alerts you to crucial “dos and don’ts” such as using portrait orientation only when livestreaming for Periscope (landscape orientation isn’t supported) and: “The live-stream URL is only available once the stream starts, there’s no option to pre-publish a link.”

Read the post here.


Periscope For Business

Learn exactly how to get started using Periscope to promote your business with this step by step Periscope for Business Tutorial.

Get Ideas for Your Next Periscope Video

Not quite sure what to do on Periscope? Get 21 ideas for your next periscope video.



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